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Dear Sir/Madam,

The responsibilities and expectations of healthcare leadership have never been greater. Accomplishing national healthcare development priorities increasingly depends on the ability of leadership teams to keep abreast of available technological and educational offerings.

We are delighted to invite you to attend the Advanced Respiratory Training on Lung Protective Mechanical Ventilation which will be held at the Medizin Im Grunen (MIG), 15864 Wendisch Rietz, Germany from May 7th to May 8th2018. The main objective of this training is to build Turkey specific clinical expertise aligned to respiratory and a strong network of Turkey key opinion leaders around mechanical ventilation in Turkey.

The training centre is built around offering participants clinical knowledge, but also a with a key focus on practical clinical experience. A focused and collegial dialogue is built into to both the learning and training.

The goal of the MIG centre is to provide vivid memories and authentic, easily retrievable clinical practical experiences with participants. GE together with the MIG centre want to be sure that taking a break from the daily professional routine to participate in this course will be time well spent, resulting in the safe and successful handling of the patients during routine procedures in the future.

We look forward to you attending. GE Healthcare will sponsor the entire 2-day training including the provision of reasonable flight, lodging and meals for participants (but not their guests or travelling companions). Participants will be responsible for any other personal expenses incurred.

If there are any questions on this invitation or about attendance at the training, please feel free to contact Pınar Gölcük Şansal, Respiratory Modality Leader at GE Healthcare Turkey

LCS Zone Marketing Manager
GE Healthcare Turkey& Middle East

Agenda workshop
Monday, 7th May 2018
9:00 check in „Medizin im Grünen“, welcome, Coffee etc Ziervogel,Golcuk, Fischer
9:30 Where do you come from?
Where do you want to go to?
Purpose of the workshop
10:30 coffee break
10:45 Lung protection approach in the context of stress and strainPersonalize approach using FRC and Ptp measurements Kalenka
12:00 Mechanical ventilation in different situations:
- “Healthy lungs” Kalenka
- ARDS Fiedler
13:00 lunch
13:45 Mechanical ventilation in different situations:
- COPD/Emphysema
- Obesity Fiedler
14:45 Round table discussion of the presented cases with participants all/Fiedler/Kalenka
15:15 coffee break
15:45 Group A: workshop non invasive ventilation
Group B: advanced features of the R860
Golcuk, Fischer
16:15 Group B: workshop non invasive ventilation
Group A: advanced features of the R860
Golcuk, Fischer
17:00 what`s left open?, what want we to do tomorrow all
17:30 transfer to the hotel all
18:00 chill out, wellness, jogging free
19:30 diner

Tuesday, 8th May 2018
8:30 Instruction concerning animal welfare and procedures
within the pig lab
9:15 Part 1 „healthy“ situation. Working bedside with the R860 Different modes including tube compensation etc,Advanced calculations (FRC, PEEP Inview, Spirodynamics, transpulmonary pressure including measurement of cardiac
output and comparison to PiCCO etc etc),Pitfalls and solutions
Break for coffee all
12:00 lunch
(Preparation in the pig lab for ARDS /Fiedler)
12:45 Some uncommon and difficult cases Kalenka
13:30 acute respiratory failure: measurement according to part 1,interpretations, pitfalls, solutions
Break for coffee all
15:00 open of the thorax by a sternotomy: see heart-lung-interaction all
15:30 what`s open, feedback, discussion, end all
16:30 planed end of the workshop