BrainWave Real Time

BrainWave RT provides real-time acquisition, processing and display of functional results. It makes it possible for one technologist to acquire, process and display BOLD (Blood Oxygen Level Dependent) fMRI studies acquired with synchronized stimuli.  It is comprehensive, the real-time functionality you need – including paradigm delivery, quality control, and real-time display of activation, overlaid on source EPI images.

The main features are:

  • Up to 50,000 images stored per series with data acquisition rates up to 20 images per second
  • Displays 2D activation maps overlaid over anatomic images in real time
  • Multiple 2x2 and 4x4 display
  • Optional saving of raw data in research mode for off-line analysis with 200,000 images

BrainWave Post-Acquisition (PA)

This high-performance software allows you to post-process raw fMRI data and generates 3D brain renderings displaying functional activation. Display alternatives for these maps include cross sectional displays, activation Z-maps and composite paradigm displays. This application is available on both the MR Console and the AW Workstation. Additional applications include; BrainWave Fusion, Advanced Visualization, Advanced DTI tracking, and Structured Reporting Accuracy

  • Enables Free-form and Event Related fMRI to help the user tailor to specific patient needs 
  • Provides the user with the tools to fine tune and customize the specific fiber tracks they want to see 
  • Flexibility 
  • Supports multi-condition fMRI acquisition, visualization, and post-processing 
  • Detection and removal of time sets where data has been corrupted due to motion speed 
  • Multi-condition fMRI shortens the overall exam time by allowing the user to combine multiple tasks into 1 
  • Real time motion corrected activation maps limit the number of repeat scans due to patient motion

BrainWave Fusion

BrainWave Fusion is an optional package that provides the ability to fuse high-resolution anatomical images with fMRI activation maps and diffusion tensor tractography maps. This package is useful for evaluating the spatial relationship between activation patterns, fiber tracts, and underlying anatomy and pathology.

“…fMRI may provide the treating team with information that could determine whether surgery is feasible.” 

Leslie Baxter, PhD
Barrow Neurologic Institute


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